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Sheriff Faile Appointment
Sheriff Faile Appointment
Lancaster County Sheriff Barry S. Faile has been appointed by South Carolina Governor Nikki R. Haley to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Council. His term began November 29, 2016, and he will serve at the pleasure of the governor.

All law enforcement officers in this state must be trained and certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. When it created by statute the South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Council, the General Assembly indicated its intent was “to maximize training opportunities for law enforcement officers and criminal justice personnel, to coordinate training, and to set standards for the law enforcement and criminal justice service, all of which are imperative to upgrading law enforcement to professional status.” The training council has many powers and duties including developing police training programs and standards, publishing training materials, making regulations related to training, and training and certifying candidates for law enforcement positions. For example, in 2015 the training council conducted hearings across the state to develop guidelines for the use of body-worn cameras by law enforcement agencies. Those guidelines formed the basis for body-worn camera policies the agencies were required to implement. The training council also reviewed and had approval authority over those policies. The training council has 11 members, including the South Carolina Attorney General; the Chief of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division; the heads of the Departments of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services, Corrections, Natural Resources, and Public Safety; and two sheriffs, two police chiefs, and one detention director.

I am honored to have been appointed to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Council by Governor Haley,” said Sheriff Faile. “Training and professionalism in law enforcement have never been more critical. The training council plays a vital role in ensuring that we provide the best and most up-to-date training possible to the men and women who protect us.