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Armed Robbery Arrest

Lancaster, South Carolina April 13, 2017


Papa John’s Pizza Delivery Driver Robbery


            Warrants charging Eric Neal Patton, age 32, of Fort Mill, with Armed Robbery and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Violent Crime have been obtained by an investigator of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.  Tuesday night, November 29, 2016, Papa John’s Pizza received a phoned in order for pizza to be delivered to 2025 Usher Road, Lancaster.  The female delivery driver arrived in the area just before 10:00 p. m. and stopped at the intersection of Usher and Memorial Park Roads to look for the address.  A male approached her car and directed her to the next driveway.  She pulled up and he followed her there.  The robber asked what he owed as the driver reached behind her for the pizzas.  When she turned to face him, he was pointing what appeared to be a handgun wrapped in a sock at her.  He demanded all her money and said he would shoot her if she did not comply.  The robber took her cash and walked off as she drove away.  The driver returned to Papa John’s, and law enforcement was notified.


            The investigator assigned the case was contacted by an investigator with the Fort Mill Police Department, who was attempting to locate Patton’s girlfriend in Lancaster County.  The investigator learned Patton was in custody in York County and had been charged with robberies in several jurisdictions including the robbery of another Papa John’s delivery driver.  Further investigation revealed that Patton was living on Spanish Villa Lane in Lancaster during the time the Papa John’s robbery occurred.  Spanish Villa Lane is one street over from Usher Road.  The investigators were able to determine a cell phone taken from Patton when he was arrested in York County was used to place the Papa John’s order.