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Found Property
It is very common for deputies to come in contact with found property during the course of their duties. By our policy, if a deputy takes possession of the property they are required to submit the property into evidence for safe keeping. After a 90 day period and exhausting all reasonable efforts to ascertain the legal owner of the property the Sheriff’s Office is allowed by State Law to dispose of the property. Anyone can access the list which is located in the news section of the Sheriff’s Office website. Rightful owners may then contact the Evidence and Property Unit (803-313-2102) to describe the item and claim ownership.



Stevens 12 gauge Nitro Special

Llama 9mm pistol


Miscellaneous Property:

Brown bb rifle on unknown make/model


LG 42” plasma television, model 42PN4500-UA         


Samsung Galaxy 5S phone


Black box containing batteries


Black ZTE cellular phone w/ TracFone service


Set of dentures (partials)


Pioneer brand car stereo with a CD/DVD player ‚Äč



Next brand mountain bike, red with black trim