Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Sheriff's Office Receives $32,000 Grant
The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is excited to announce that they have received a $32,017 grant from the State Homeland Security Program.  The Sheriff’s Office recently applied for the grant to help offset the cost of much needed equipment.  This investment will be used to ensure that all Lancaster County Emergency Services Agencies (Police, Fire, EMS) are compliant with the radio narrow banding requirement that has been ordered by the FCC.  In an effort to promote greater bandwidth efficiency, the FCC is requiring all Public Safety licensees using 25 kHz VHF and UHF radios systems migrate to minimum 12.5 kHz efficiency by January 1, 2013. This will allow Public Safety agencies to hopefully cut down on the interference problems that have been major issue for communications of public safety radio traffic.  Some of the communications equipment at the Sheriff’s Office and in E911 was outdated and would not be able to comply with the mandate.  With this grant, the Sheriff’s Office will be able to purchase compliant equipment that includes 13 hand held radios (walkie talkies), 9 mobile car radios, 5 radios for the E911 controller room, 2 desk top repeaters and controllers for E911 dispatch.  The equipment purchased will be a benefit to all emergency service agencies within the county.
Sheriff Faile said, “We are extremely pleased to receive this grant.  It’s nice to know that we can use this money to purchase the needed equipment and not have to rely on Lancaster County funds to meet the mandate.  Our grants officer worked really hard to acquire this grant and I am thankful for that hard work.”   
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