Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Found Property
It is very common for deputies to come in contact with found property during the course of their duties. By our policy, if a deputy takes possession of the property they are required to submit the property into evidence for safe keeping.  After a 90 day period and exhausting all reasonable efforts to ascertain the legal owner of the property the Sheriff’s Office is allowed by State Law to dispose of the property.  Anyone can access the list which is located in the news section of the Sheriff’s Office website.  Rightful owners may then contact the Evidence and Property Unit (803-313-2102) to describe the item and claim ownership.

Current List of Found Property:


Colt .45 caliber pistol

RG .22 Revolver

RG .22 Revolver

Winchester 12 gauge shotgun

Rohm .22 caliber revolver

Savage Arms 20 gauge shotgun

Rohm .38 special revolver

J. Stevens Arms .22 caliberrifle

Miscellaneous Property:

Milwaukee portable band saw

Industrial rubber pads and plastic hose

Yellow tool box w/ misc. hand tools and a drill

Several pieces of costume jewelry

Midland brand two way radio

LG brand cellular phone

Putnam brand trailer hitch

Mailbox from Indian Land area


Men’s Roadmaster bicycle, spray painted black 

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